Our services are not only a legal obligation but are also a powerful tool for the continuous and long-term development of your business.

The result of our services is not only completed forms and records, but also relevant, expertly presented and analysed data based on which you can make the right and quality decisions for planning, managing and business analysis.

Individual client approach, understanding of their business and timely and expert bookkeeping are the ultimate objective of our business and our contribution to your business success.

In cooperation with our partners Zagreb data and Enter, we enable our clients to operate on the most advanced IT solutions customized to the size, complexity and activities they are engaged in, and to optimize and connect all their business processes into a single entity.


Whether you are a micro, small, medium or large entrepreneur in domestic or foreign ownership, you can always rely on our expert team to provide timely, proper and accurate information in accordance with all legal regulations.

Your personal bookkeeper is always at your disposal with advice and support. Regardless of the complexity and content of your enquiry, we will always provide expert, verified and timely responses.



As with all other tasks, we approach the payroll individually, according to your needs and requirements. We offer advice on all issues relating to income tax, social security and pension insurance and labour law.

As this area is subject to constant legal changes, you will find a conscientious and up-to-date partner in KSD.


Tax Consultancy

Successful business implies a successful management of tax risks and expenditures. This is particularly applicable for the economies of countries like Croatia, where tax burden is extremely high. Under such conditions, tax liabilities are an inevitable and large segment in the operations of each company.

Our tax experts, with their rich experience in many industries and various aspects of taxation, allow us to deliver superior results based on professional understanding of tax policies and specifics of particular businesses.


Business Consultancy

With you from an idea to the successful business.

Starting a business requires a number of activities before the first business transaction is undertaken. With our consultancy and services, this process will be conducted easily and effectively.


IT Services

Today's business is not possible without a quality business system (ERP) as the business environment (business partners, state institutions, banks) is set by increasingly complex requirements for informatisation of mutual communication and business.

In cooperation with our partners, Zagreb data and Enter, we are able to provide you a quality, affordable and customized IT solution for your business.



KSD provides its clients with services customized for them and combines all services relating to bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and tax accounting services to better manage their business and achieve the best results.


Since 1992, from a small family business we have grown into a company that, with its individual approach in providing services, expertise, integrity and innovation, we have become a reliable partner for many entrepreneurs in Croatia.

By investing in education and following the developments of IT solutions, we have achieved a high level of connectivity with our clients, and through understanding their business processes, we have become the most efficient in our part of business.


Our unique objective is to become your partner in business, not just your service provider. We are committed to always be proactive and focused to your business and its needs.

We are constantly developing mutual professional relationships and trust in order for you to be able to contact us at any time with any request.

Being available at any time for consultations, support or consulting is a crucial aspect and a great comparative advantage or our client approach.


With its individual approach, expertise and understanding your business needs, KSD with its partners implements its business information system (ERP) which will meet all the challenges facing your business.

With always available support and continuous development that follows your business requirements, you will find a trusted partner in us.