KSD was founded in 1992 in response to the start of the accelerated entrepreneurship in Croatia. From a small family business, we have grown into a company that, with its individual approach in providing services, expertise, integrity and innovation, has become a reliable partner for many entrepreneurs in Croatia.

Over the years, we have established successful business relations with all relevant institutions and partners in the area of bookkeeping, finances and tax and we have developed and based them exclusively on a professional, expert, socially responsible and ethical approach to business and interpersonal relationships.

By constant investment in education and monitoring of development of IT solutions, we have achieved a high level of connectivity with our clients, and through understanding their business processes, we have become most efficient in our part of work.


KSD provides its clients a customized service specifically for them and integrates all services relating to bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, calculation of taxes, to better manage their business and to achieve the best results.

Continuous education, monitoring of trends and new knowledge and their implementation in practice is a constant of our development and growth, and at the same time, the foundation of our work


Our unique objective is to become your partner in business, not just your service provider. We are committed to always be proactive and focused to your business and its needs.

We will continue to develop professional relationships and trust to enable you to contact us at any time and with any request.

To be available at any time for consultations, support or counselling is the crucial aspect of our work and we feel that this provides the comparative advantage to the services we offer and provide.


To provide the service you need, at the time you need it and in an appropriate way with the best result for business is our ultimate goal and everything we do is to achieve this goal in cooperation with you.

We are not just bookkeepers and we responsibly declare that we can be trusted business advisors in all areas of your business.

Our employees have extensive experience and knowledge in the area of bookkeeping, finance, tax and labour law and are able to provide a wide range of bookkeeping services as well as payroll services.


KSD is committed to cultivate values of ethics and honesty, responsibility, respect for individual values, independence and continuous development and constant learning in its business.

It will provide its clients with the service that includes business integrity, quality, professional behaviour, professional competence, fair business practice, confidentiality and protection of data and privacy.

With a fair attitude towards our clients, and respect for moral principles and the rules of the profession, we regard our clients as our long-term partners, growing together.

We create a culture and working environment where we treat our employees and all associates in our business with respect, politeness and honesty and promote the same opportunities for all.

We encourage and assist our employees to develop professional knowledge and skills to more efficiently perform their tasks to achieve their professional and personal goals.