The result of our services is not only completed forms and records, but also relevant, expertly presented and analysed data based on which you can make the right and quality decisions for planning, managing and business analysis.

Individual client approach, understanding of their business and timely and expert bookkeeping are the ultimate objective of our business and our contribution to your business success.

In cooperation with our partners Zagreb data and Enter, we enable our clients to operate on the most advanced IT solutions customized to the size, complexity and activities they are engaged in, and to optimize and connect all their business processes into a single entity.


Whether you are a micro, small, medium or large entrepreneur in domestic or foreign ownership, you can always rely on our expert team to provide timely, proper and accurate information in accordance with all legal regulations.

Your personal bookkeeper is always at your disposal with advice and support. Regardless of the complexity and content of your enquiry, we will always provide expert, verified and timely responses.

We provide all bookkeeping services in accordance with laws and regulations, Croatian Accounting Standards, International Accounting Standards, Croatian Financial Reporting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards, accounting policies of the client and other prescribed legal regulations.

In accordance with the client's needs we create monthly, quarterly and annual reports in standard formats or in the client's report format (profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statement, consolidated reports, cost report, outstanding buyer and supplier’s items, etc.) as well as all other reports depending on your needs and requirements.

Our accounting services include:

  • Keeping company records books:
    • journal
    • general ledger
  • Subsidiary records:
    • fixed asset register
    • treasury
    • other subsidiary records at request and on demand
  • Tax records:
    • received invoices register book
    • issued invoices register book
    • VAT calculation and generating all necessary forms
  • Reports:
    • accounts payable and receivable,
    • analytics of wages,
    • analytics by cost centre
    • other records on request
    • preparation of accounting policies
    • reports for the needs of the Board – according to the client's needs we create monthly, quarterly and annual reports in standard formats or in the client's format (profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statement, consolidated reports, cost report, outstanding buyer and supplier’s items, etc.) as well as all other reports depending on your needs and requirements.
  • Payment system:

    Save your time and allow us to prepare payment orders in Kuna and foreign currency via electronic banking, with the possibility of payment processing.

  • Services relating to preparation of annual financial statements
    • Annual financial report – Profit and Loss Account
    • Annual financial report – Balance Sheet
    • Notes to the financial statements
    • Decision on the determination of financial statements and decision on the distribution of profit/loss
    • Tax return
    • Annual statistical report
    • Consolidated reports


As with all other tasks, we approach the payroll individually, according to your needs and requirements. We offer advice on all issues relating to income tax, social and pension insurance and labour law.

As this area is subject to constant legal changes, you will find a conscientious and up-to-date partner in KSD.

Keeping confidential personal information, preparation and archiving of employee data is one of our priorities, and it depends on your specifics and needs.

For the requirements of the Board and Management, we produce reports and analyses of total payroll costs and test calculations that can be the basis for making business decisions.

In the area of payroll, we provide the following services:

  • Employee Master Date
    • Implementation of the employee master database and data entry
    • Registration and deregistration of employees at Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatian Health Insurance Fund
    • Downloading payroll information from previous periods
  • Collecting and processing payroll data
    • Calculation of regular salaries
    • Calculation of salaries for workers on secondment
    • Calculation of authors' fees
    • Calculation of temporary service contracts
    • Calculation of sick leave at the cost of Croatian Health Insurance Fund
    • Calculation of travel orders
    • Calculation of deductions and salary in kind
    • Annual calculation of taxes and surtaxes
    • Calculation and records of non-taxable receipts
  • Preparation of required documentation:
    • legally prescribed records
    • Preparation of salary bookkeeping orders for entry into the main ledger
    • Preparation of payment orders for salaries, contributions, taxes and surtaxes
    • Preparation and delivery of the JOPPD form to the Tax Administration
    • Contacting and synchronisation with the Tax Administration
  • Monitoring of all legal changes and their implementation

    The laws, regulations and opinions of state institutions bring daily changes with respect to income tax and contributions which are the basic part of payroll. By continuous monitoring and training we are always up-to-date, and we transfer our knowledge to day-to-day practice.

  • Personnel payroll services
    • Delivery and dispatch of payslips (to the company address, to the employee address by mail, e-mail etc.)
    • Archiving the documentation in accordance with the law and requirements and requests of the client
    • Certificates for employees required for financial institutions, child allowance, kindergarten and similar

Tax Consultancy

Successful business implies a successful management of tax risks and expenditures. This is particularly applicable for the economies of countries like Croatia, where tax burden is extremely high. Under such conditions, tax liabilities are an inevitable and large segment in the operations of each company

At the same time, successful tax management does not depend solely on your entrepreneurial abilities, but also on the continuous monitoring of amendments and supplements to the laws that create tax policies and their interpretation by legislation and practice.

Our tax experts, with their rich experience in many industries and various aspects of taxation, allow us to deliver superior results based on professional understanding of tax policies and specifics of particular businesses.

Our objective in managing tax risks is not only to avoid any potential sanctions, but to understand your business so that with quality planning we can reach the minimum possible amount of tax that the law allows!

Our services include a wide range of taxes of which we would like to point out:

  • Value Added Tax

    Value Added Tax is one of the basic taxes where one of the most common questions are: what is a taxable base, where is the place of taxation, do I have to pay VAT or not? The value added tax system is becoming more and more complex. Our experts continuously monitor the development of the value added tax system and we will provide you with a high quality, expert and timely response to all your questions.

  • Corporate Income Tax (Profit Tax)

    You are wondering how to legally pay less tax on profit?

    Corporate Income Tax is a direct tax which is used to tax the profits of legal entities and natural persons included in the profit tax system.

    Legal regulations in the area of corporate income tax often clearly define how it is possible to pay less tax, however entrepreneurs often fail to deal with that question.

    By using services of our experts, increase the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

    Through a wide range of tax consultancy services, we will assist you to successfully manage the impact of taxation on your business.

  • Income Tax

    Even though it is sometimes considered the simplest tax, in reality, income tax is one of the most complicated taxes, which is especially the case if you earn more than one income, or if you earn income from abroad.

    Whether you are considering the most convenient way of calculating and paying severance payments, proper tax management of seconded employees or payments in kind, our experts will ensure that you comply with legal norms with the maximum possible savings.

  • Transfer Pricing

    Transfer prices are established between connected entities, and include prices of products, services, intellectual property and other charges levied between connected entities, as well as the contracts based on which entities of multinational companies participate in common costs, such as R&D costs, and intra-company financing.

    In accordance with the requirements of international and Croatian tax regulations, companies which operate with connected international and domestic entities have to establish and document system of transfer pricing, which determines the conditions under which the business of the connected parties is conducted.

    To this end, the said companies have to make a study on transfer pricing where they substantiate and prove market conditions under which services between connected entities are charged.

    Our services include:

    • support of an authorized tax consultant in drawing up of a main document on transfer pricing for a group of companies
    • support of an authorized tax consultant in the development of a transfer pricing study
    • separate preparation of economic analyses used to determine if the prices charged between connected entities are market prices
    • preparation of transfer price policies for a group of companies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions are increasingly viewed as one of the most effective ways of transforming vision into practice. However, to make sure that your strategy will deliver desired results – cost reduction, increased market share – you have to ensure that the implementation maximizes the value of your investment.

    To achieve a complete success, merger requires careful planning and knowledge in various areas, from tax efficient structuring to the smallest details of legal and regulatory environment.

    Our team of experts has the required knowledge and experience to provide a multidisciplinary approach which will provide the best solution for every aspect of your business plan and vision.

Business Consultancy

With you from an idea to the successful business.

Starting a business requires a number of activities before the first business transaction is executed. With our consultancy and services, this process will be implemented easily and efficiently.

Some of the basic services in this segment are:

  • Consultancy when establishing a company or sole proprietorship

    Establishing a company is easy with use of our resources, advice and support. We will enable you to register your company in a simple way at a low cost.

  • Providing service of a company or sole proprietorship seat

    Under the Companies Act, at the time of company registration, you are required to register the business address. The business address may also be in the rented space, but you need to have a lease contract for the use of space.

    In our services, we offer the address for the company registration with a post office box for business correspondence.

  • Services of preparation and registration at the competent institutions:
    • Registration in the system of taxpayers of corporate income tax (PT)
    • Registration in the value added tax system (VAT)
    • Registration in the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute
    • Registration in the Croatian Health Insurance Fund
    • Certificates for e-FINA and e-Porezna
    • Registration and submission to the Croatian National Bank of foreign ownership investments in the Republic of Croatia (IU-IP form)
  • Consultancy during:
    • setting up business processes
    • selecting IT solutions and assistance in implementing them
    • implementation of a bookkeeping process:
      • company records books – general ledger and journal
      • preparation of the accounting plan
      • tax records
      • subsidiary records
    • implementation of cost accounting
    • implementation of payroll process
    • implementation in accounting systems
    • Downloading accounting and bookkeeping data

IT Services

Today's business is not possible without a quality business system (ERP) as the business environment (business partners, state institutions, banks) is set by increasingly complex requirements for informatisation of mutual communication and business.

In addition to the business environment, it is impossible to develop business without quality data available in real-time and on-demand and without savings enabled by automated and computerized business processes.

In cooperation with our partners Zagreb data and Enter, we are able to provide quality, affordable and IT solution adapted to your business.

With its individual approach, expertise and understanding of your business needs, KSD with its partners implements its business information system (ERP) which will meet all the challenges facing your business.

With our always available support and continuous development that meets your business requirements, you will find a trusted partner in us.

For more information on individual IT solutions, please visit our partners' pages:

  • Zagreb data

    Zagreb data has developed Apross, a comprehensive business information system (ERP) which emerged as a synthesis of modern technologies, long-time work and experience of Zagreb data experts in the field of information systems and business organization. It is reliable, stable and easily customizable system for various activities, intended primarily to small and large, organizationally more complex companies operating on several locations, with more business and profit centres.

  • Enter

    Enter has developed eFIN, a business information system (ERP) for small businesses and sole proprietorships. With its modular approach, it offers quality, simple and functionally customizable solutions for a wide range of activities.